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Board and Shareholders

  • Mohamed H. Jaffer- Chairman/Shareholder
  • Mujtaba M. Jaffer – CEO
  • Kabir Ahmad – Director/Shareholder – IFG FUND LP
  • Michael A. Turner – Director/Shareholder ACTIS AGRIFINANCE
  • Kungu Gatabaki – Marketing Director
  • Jonathan Stokes – Finance Director
  • Brown Ondego – Director


About Us


Committed to providing efficient and cost effective handling solutions for grain cargo transported within East & Central Africa including Great Lakes, Southern Sudan and Somalia.


To create the Port of Mombasa and moreover Kenya a ‘hub’ to relief agencies, millers and traders to stock sufficient grains in order to provide a rapid response to regional food trade and emergencies.


The history of Grain Bulk Handlers Limited is a story of 30 years of dedication by Mohamed Jaffer who recognised the need to revolutionize the handling of bulk grain and fertilizer imports at the Port of Mombasa.   

The ambitious project was conceived at a time when the handling of bulk grain imports at Mombasa involved combined use of grabs, vacuuvators and mobile bagging plants situated at the quayside.

This mode of handling was characterized by: Low vessel discharge rates, heavy spillage during discharge operations, heavy dust emission and poor accounting for discharged quantities thus making the port very expensive for bulk grain importers as well as ship operators/owners.

  • GBHL obtained all necessary approvals between the period 1976 to 1992 at a time when Kenya was under “a freeze” by the International community.

  •  Hence when GBHL were designing a state of the art dry bulk cargo handling facility, financing was also being sourced from various International lending agencies.

  • In 1998 Project financing of US$35 million was duly obtained from the International community.

  • Project construction commenced in December 1998, completed in February 2000 and commissioned in March 2000.


  • Employment of 175 permanent skilled staff
  • Contracted labourers of up to 750 pax per day


Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Ltd


  • Support of GBHL football team
  • Support of charitable work
  • Support of education & health programs
  • Support of GBHL Team Building
  • Staff Training



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