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Why Grain Bulk?

  • Faster discharge of bulk grain vessels leading to lower freight rates
  • Guaranteed vessel discharge of 9,000mts pwwd on bulk carriers
  • Discharge performance record of 13,800mts pwwd
  • Trimming in ship’s hold
  • Cargo transfer from quayside to silo complex at the transit terminal via conveyor belt
  • Environmentally friendly handling system meeting International Standards
  • 67,500mts bulk transit silos
  • 55,000mts bulk storage silos for lease on Long Term Storage adjacent to the transit terminal
  • 132,500mts bagged warehousing at various locations within Mombasa Island
  • Delivery by road/rail for bulk/bagged cargo
  • Cost saving achieved by changing from bagged to direct bulk deliveries road/rail
  • Minimised losses of grain leading to reduced insurance costs
  • Improved scheduling of vessels resulting in reduced inventory costs
  • The terminal is gazetted and recognised by Kenya Revenue Authority (Customs & Excise Dept) as a Customs Area, allowed to receive un-entered cargo.


Grain Bulk Handlers Ltd provides the following services:

Discharge of Bulk Grain vessels

The discharge of bulk grain from vessels is fully mechanised and remote controlled. It is monitored from a control room which operates 24 hours a day every day. The main vessel discharge equipment is two portalinos; each with capacity to discharge 300mt per hour.

All discharged grain is automatically electronically weighed while being conveyed to the silos enabling the terminal to compile the vessel out-turn report immediately after completion of discharge.

Clearing and Forwarding

In an effort to offer comprehensive services to its customers, GBHL operates an associate company - Grain Hauliers Limited which offers support services i.e. clearing and forwarding, warehousing and transport and assists in the facilitation of documentation for the landing of un-entered consignments.


For bagging, the terminal has two sheds, each fitted with 4 bagging plants which can be calibrated for bagging 25kg,  50kg and 90kg bags. The bagging sheds are also fitted with conveyors providing a total of 8 loading bays to road/or rail transport.

For deliveries in bulk, the terminal has three hoppers of which one is for road and two for rail deliveries.

The terminal is also fitted with dust extractors which enables it to sift dust from grain and bag the two separately for delivery to importers. The dust extraction is a safety device but also serves in enhancing the clean condition of grain on delivery to the importer. All terminal activities including the discharge operations are controlled and monitored at a central control room.

The terminal is also fitted with one rail and two road weighbridges. It also has two generators to continue operation whenever there is any disruption in the main power supply.
The terminal is self sufficient in maintenance and repair of all its equipment.

Currently, GBHL offers warehousing for bagged consignments only. We are, however, investing in the provision of additional silos to be built on an adjacent site for warehousing / storage of bulk grain.

Other Services

  • Various warehouse locations with a combined long term bagged storage capacity of 75,000mts.
  • Local transportation provided by 15 truck/trailer units for bagged cargo.


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