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GBHL is a private Kenyan company, which commenced operations in year 2000. It owns and operates a specialised dry bulk discharge and handling terminal for grain imports, located in Shimanzi and linked by overhead conveyor directly to Berth No.3, Kilindini Port, Mombasa.

GBHL’s facilities comprise a vessel handling facility, a bulk transit terminal, a bulk storage terminal, bagged warehousing and local transportation :

  • The vessel handling facility comprises 2 Buhler ‘Portalino’ Ship Discharge machines with a combined capacity of 600mts per hour, 2 Fixed belt conveyors linking the berth to transit silo complex, 2 Automatic scales to record weight of discharged cargo, 1 x 50ton mobile crane for general lifting and 7 bobcats for mechanised trimming in vessel holds. 

  • The bulk transit terminal comprises 24 transit silos with a total bulk storage capacity of 67,500mts, 1 flatstore shed with a bulk storage capacity of 18,000mts, 2 bagging sheds each with 4 bagging plants, with a combined capacity of 400mts per hr, 2 calibrated bulk delivery hoppers for road/rail, 1 rail weighbridge capacity 140mts and 2 road weighbridges capacity 72mts each, and 2 standby generators covering full terminal operations (discharge and delivery).

  • The bulk storage terminal comprises 14 long-term storage silos with a total bulk storage capacity of 55,000mts, 1 bagging shed with 4 bagging lines, with a combined capacity of 200mts per hr, 1 calibrated bulk delivery hopper for road, 2 road weighbridges capacity 72mts each and ample off-road parking for
    customers’ trucks.
    Plans have been developed to increase the bulk storage capacity by a further 50,000 mts which will also include a bagging shed with 4 bagging lines, 1 calibrated bulk delivery hopper for road/rail and 1 rail weighbridge capacity 140mts.

  • The bagged warehousing comprises various warehouse locations with a combined long-term storage capacity of 75,000mts.

  • The Local transportation is provided by 15 truck/trailer units for bagged cargo.

GBHL provides the following services:

  • Discharge of bulk grain vessels
  • Bulk Silos for transit and long term storage- capacity 140,500mts
  • Delivery to road/rail in bulk/bags
  • Warehousing for bagged cargo for long term storage – capacity 75,000mts
  • Local transportation provided by a fleet of 15 truck/trailer units for bagged cargo

The terminal is gazetted and recognised by Kenya Revenue Authority (Customs & Excise Dept) as a Customs Area, allowed to receive un-entered cargo.

Through road/rail transport, the terminal serves the immediate hinterland with transit/transhipment services in conjunction with the Kenya Ports Authority.

GBHL’s clientele include millers, traders and NGOs among others in East & Central Africa including Great Lakes, Southern Sudan and Somalia.

GBHL will remain a proud facilitator of development, which has revolutionized the handling of bulk grain trade in the entire region.

GBHL’s vision is to create the Port of Mombasa and moreover Kenya a ‘hub’ to relief agencies, millers and traders to stock sufficient grains in order to provide a rapid response to regional food emergencies.

GBHL is recognised as ISO (ISO 9001:2000) and ISPS Code compliant and is also a member of the International Association of Ports & Harbours (IAPH).


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